Flexible 3D modelling and inversion program for gravity, gravity gradient, TMI and magnetic gradient data.
VPmg is suitable for both unconstrained and geologically-constrained inversion.

Change of ownership VPmg and VPem1D

November 30, 2015

It is our pleasure to announce that Mira Geoscience recently acquired several Fullagar Geophysics codes, including VPmg and VPem1D.
Mira Geoscience has been reselling, developing and supporting these codes for several years, and is committed to continue to sell, support, further develop and enhance them in the years to come.
For users who purchased VPmg or VPem1D licences from Fullagar Geophysics, Mira Geoscience will assume responsibility for support and maintenance when your current maintenance agreement comes due for renewal. Approximately 90 days before your renewal date a representative from Mira Geoscience will contact you to discuss the transition. In the weeks or months until that time, Fullagar Geophysics will continue to provide support as usual.
As for users who are already supported by Mira Geoscience this transfer of ownership has no usage impact on your licences or support/maintenance agreements.
Note that the ownership of VPview and VPem3D is not affected; Fullagar Geophysics will continue to support, maintain and develop these products.
Do not hesitate to contact Mira Geoscience or Fullagar Geophysics if you have any questions or concerns.
We thank you for choosing software from the VP Suite, and look forward to being of service to you for many years to come.
John McGaughey, CEO/CTO                                                                                   Peter Fullagar, CEO
Mira Geoscience Limited                                                                            Fullagar Geophysics Pty Ltd